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Risk Rubric & Glossary


TARGETED:  The attacker considers and selects a particular target prior to attack.  The consideration occurs through the process of an idea with motive, planning, preparation and eventually action.

REACTIVE OR AFFECTIVE:  The attacker acts in an emotional or highly aroused state in response to a perceived challenge, threat, insult or other affront. Is often a temporary, explosive or impulsive act without premeditation, planning, plotting or specific targeting. Reactive behavior can be a function within a pattern of socialization as some attackers search for excuses or opportunities to be angry and aggressive, without any predetermined target.

MILD TO MODERATE AGGRESSION: Harmful behavior that is directed at another person(s) and does not cause serious or lethal injury.

EXTREME OR VIOLENT AGGRESSION:  Harmful behavior that is directed at another person(s) and causes or is intended to cause serious or lethal injury.

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